• Oh, sure, Billy, I’ve gone out and given more than I thought I had, while doing a show. Even occasionally, a radio show. And you know, it’s not a physical thing, as much as it is a tension and mental strain that drains you so. And I’ve found that’s a good thing. Over the years I found myself eating those tensions like candy, and feeding the energy back into what I was doing. It got toa point there where I got a reputation as a bit of a madman on the hotter jobs. I know what you mean, Bro. It’s good, ain’t it?
  • Oh, by the way, Billy; Visualize Whirled Peas. That snark aside, I dare to suggest to you the elightenment would not have been possible without the cultural framework, and in particular the reverence of each human life that Christianity and it’s values provided.
  • It’s the truth, Gaius, that’s for certain. But it’s kind of like Congress passing laws thinking they’re going to do something about whatever the problem is. The law mostly will not solve the problem, but they can always say to themselves that they doing good because they were doing SOMETHING. It’s a crock, of course, but there it is.
  • I mentioned the other day about Boris Johnson, the new mayor of London. Apparently, he’ s got Muslims upset simply by breathing. They couldn’t wait to post photo ops of him standing with Jewish people.  Explain to me how we’re not dealing with a blind hatred akin to BDS. Or, perhaps more correctly, how the Muslim Jihad isn’t like BDS.
  • The Jawas point out the Rasmussen poll showing 58% of people polled think that Obama’s statement disowning Reverend Wright was a political move, not a reflection of actual outrage on his part. I wonder; does that push him higher in negatives than Hillary Clinton?
  • Microsoft has supposedly given up on it’s bid to buy Yahoo. We’ve seen this often enough before to know full well that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this.
  • CBS apparently feels it’s not done enough complaining about the war in Iraq, and promoting Democrats. So now, they drag Mary TYillman out of her relative obscurity to try again. Sorry, Mary, but I get the feeling your son wouldn’t approve, and for the same reason Casey Sheehan wouldn’t approve. And yes, I equate the two. there’s a point beyond which you stop. You passed that long ago.
  • An interesting resource for video of old TV shows and whatnot, including some newer stuff and even hi-res stuff… HULU.COM.
  • Vegetable rights? Well, look, you knew it was coming, right?
  • I see by way of Michelle that American Thinker is doing a donation drive.
  • The ultimate platform for people who can’t make up their friggin’ minds… Let’s see… buying an Intel based Mac, to run Gnome/KDE on?  Ummmmm why?
  • I see PETA is busy running it’s mouth about the Derby… as I thought they would.  At some point, you have to stop taking these morons seriously, America.
  • Yes, I saw Howard Dean over the weekend. Wallace basicly chewed him up and spit him out. Is there any remaining doubt in anyone’s mind why the Democrats are in such serious trouble?


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