• You’re quite right, Billy, McCain may end up actually winning this thing, but at what cost to the Republicans, in terms of having to make them more like socialist Democrats? And by that same token, what is the level of damage to the country both during and after the election? That’s what I wonder.
  • As Billy mentions, (And David confirms with a link to Sis…) HillBillary rolled West Virginia last night. That win takes on a frightening aspect when one considers what both of the candidates think about people like that which live in that state… and Kenucky…. and Arkansas.  the difference between them; Obama is honest enough to project those negative feelings. It’s amusing, to watch Patrick Healy of the New York Times blame the whole thing on racism, and Obama’s campaign is saying the same… saying the folks in West Virginia are racist hicks. Notice, please; that’s not something that was said said when Obama got something like 99% of the black vote in South Carolina the other day. Here we go again with the unspoken conclusion that racism can only flow in one direction… a charge that seems to usually come up when Democrats are in the room.
  • I’m still toying with the add-ons at the bottom of each post. I’d like to get the font smaller for them. We’ll see.
  • Looks like price hikes on Crude oil have hit that bursting point we’ve been talking about. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • I allowed a few days ago that one reason for Hillary clinton to stay in was to help pay off the millions of debt she’s racked up. Starting to look like I called that one, too.
  • Florida police are saying they’ve arrested a suspect in the wildfires there.
  • Me to Billy, last night at the Q&O comments section, speaking about the application of principle:

    I’ve always had the notion that principles are merely long- view- pragmatism. What I’m suggesting is that principles… at least the ones that last… become such for a reason. Man learns over time what works and what doesn’t and those things get called principles. And that’s precisely because the reason you mention… working outside those principles, doesn’t work.Which is not to say that a lot of nonsense doesn’t get the ‘principle’ label. The phrase ‘Social Justice” for example….

    OK, perhaps a bit obvious to some. But that it is not so obvious to others is perhaps the point.

  • Too bad the Congress wasn’t listening to Ariel Cohen. He’s correct, of course… the appearence of ”doing something’ is perhaps of larger import to these morons than the actual effect of what they do.

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