• Boeing is saying they expect the Oil Bubble to burst soon… basically echoing what I’ve been saying for several weeks. The Austrailians are saying it,Jordan Khan is saying it (And proving it with his charting) The Arabs are saying it… This bubble is about to burst. The only question is, how many will be hurt when it does? Mostly, the ones who weren’t selling oil short.
  • I know I mentioned this one the other day, but this one just broke my heart. Personally, I won’t be praying too intensively for Maria. As Steinbeck once remarked, her path is already laid out for her. She’s got her job to do. She’ll be fine. This is a view not incompatible with those of us who believe that mortality is not the end… But what can be said about her brother who was driving the truck? What kind of personal hell must he be going through? It’s my guess that he can use all the good thoughts and prayers and support that he can get right now.
  • I note with some amusement Karl at Protien Wisdom and George Packer,  over at The New Yorker, each in their turn flaying St Andrew the  Incontinent  What the Excitable one can’t figure out is he’s suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome. Well, perhaps he does know it, but can’t bring himself to admit it. Karl notes, and correctly:

    Careful readers — as opposed to those who take Andy seriously — will have noted that Sully “can’t see how domestic policy could become more statist and less responsible,” but “find[s] so much of Obama’s substance domestically to be anathema” that he “ha[s]n’t sat through a single Obama speech without ideologically wincing at something.”Sully “want[s] to see such a record punished with electoral defeat for fear they still don’t know what they did wrong.” Of course, George W. Bush is not up for punishment this year. Rather, it is Americans who do rather less well than Bush who will be on the receiving end of the policies that make Sully wince. And that’s before you consider that the crime of statist policies is to be punished with… more statist policies.

    Thing is, Sulivan doesn’t much care about additional statist policy so long as he can feel himself and his prejudice… his hatred… vindicated. This is what Sullivan, in the end (pardon the unintentional pun) has always been about; Personal vindication. This is critical to understanding Sullivan and his writings.

  •  Yes, I’ve seen Mike Allen’s bit about Scott McClellan over at The Politico. Too early to comment much about it, past saying it’s a book clearly designed to cash in. You can always sell books by telling people what they want to hear…. particularly leftists.
  • Radio Equalizer is reporting that Evan Montvel-Cohen, co-founder of Err America has finaly been arrested for his involvement Money laundering, theft, fraud, and more. A true leading leftist. Amsuing; Franken is portraying himself a victom of Cohen. Yeah, right, Al. Apparently in a choice between being labeled a moron or a crook, Franken chose ‘moron’.
  • Obama’s gaffe the other day as regards Aushwitz strikes me as a clear-cut case of needing to be seen as someone not isolated from the Military, and it’s history. Oh, and of course he’s trying to establish a sympathetic angle with the Jewish vote.  It’s telling, though that the attempt ended as such a dismal failure, on both counts. First, and clearly, he can’t make a military connection at all. Secondly, if that’s the best he’s got for the Jews he’s in very serious trouble indeed. As a bonus, it becomes very clear that when he moves away from the prepared script, and tries to think for himself, he comes up with gems like this one. This is hardly the only time; we have a very well established pattern, that continues to develop in the same direction… He’s been giving the same speech with minor adjustments since day one, giving talks several times per day. Being in practice for public speaking, isn’t an issue…. not even close. Yet even minor divergence from the prepared script so as to play to the crowd, he reveals a scatterbrained side.
    Time.    Doesn’t that give anyone pause over what constitutes his thinking ability… his ability to think on his feet and keep his thoughts in line, while under pressure? If he can’t keep his act together under the relatively minor pressure of a freindly crowd who came to hear him, how will he fare under the pressure of the office of POTUS?

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