• Look, the Daily Kos is the website of Modern Democrat thought. They represent what passes for thinking in the Democrat party. They are not ‘far left‘ They are Mainstream Democrat. Are we clear on this?
  • Why do I get the feeling that the usual hollywood corwd is going to be disappointed, no matter what happens with Obama?
  • Look, Billy, you of anyone I know should understand that the law… any law… is by it’s very nature arbitrary, and thereby for any law to address the problem of drunk driving some arbitrary standard will be set.  That’s the nature of the government beast. 
  • So, Olberman is now complaining, labeling Bush’s statements on how he doesn’t pay golf now because of the war is ‘ludicrous’? Hey, Baldy; What would you be complaining about if he WAS out on the course? We all know you’d be right on the front lines complaining about how such was a symbol of how he didn’t care about the troops, as if YOU do. So, we now see you’re going to bash the guy no matter what he does, hmmm? Yeah.  Now go get that hairpeice fixed, you drooling idiot. Looks like a piece of lettuce.
  • Polar bears are ‘threatened’? Well,  sanity has been threatened for a long while, and this is just one more example of that.  This is decidedly not about the polar bear, this is about Al Gore’s relentless pursuit of power, under the guise of protecting us from ‘global warming’. Factoid: There are around 20,000 more polar bears on earth today in the wild, than there were 30 years ago. Explain this to me; how is this a threat?
  • Anyone remember the huckabee commercial where Oama and the left had kittens about there being a super-imposed cross… that turned out to be a bookshelf? Double standard, thy name be Obama.
  • It’s amazing on two counts that Sean Penn is complaining about Obama’s record, since in reality he doesn’t have one.  The oother count is that Penn is complaining about a Democat at all. And for the bonus, it’s amazing that anyone is taking him seriously. Well, perhaps not; Penn’s complaint is Obama isn’t liberal enough. The press will always bow to someone getting on their perch about that.
  • I suppose the one thing we can take from Edwards, that profile of courage, and his endorsement of Obama, yesterday, is that we’ll see a betting pool started over who will get the nod from Al Gore. John McCain is clearly thinking about that endorsement, if we can take this story as indication. Memo to McCain; That’s not Republican, that’s “Democrat lite”, and it ain’t selling.
  • I see Bob Barr failed to get an outright endorsement from outright libertarians.  Well, I know that’s a big loss. (Snort)

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