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More Fuel… a Thought

Got lots of mail last night on my “How to raise fuel prices” [1] post of yesterday. Actually, that’s why my posting was a little lighter than usual, this morning… I was pouring over the mail. Some of it was pointing me to Bruce’s post of yesterday [2], about that congressional show hearing… particularly this part, which Bruce quotes:

“If the nation set a goal of increasing domestic production by 2 (million) to 3 million barrels a day by opening up new sources of exploration and production, we could demonstrate to the world that we are in control of our own destiny,” Shell Oil Co. President John Hofmeister told a Senate panel today.

Granting greater access, Hofmeister argued, coupled with Congress’ previous actions to increase use of renewable fuels and to raise fuel mileage requirements, could help avoid awkward scenarios in which U.S. leaders ask producing nations to produce more and get “an unresponsive reply.”

Many of the notes I got this monring express some satisfaction that Congress got told in those two paras what I said back on the 18th of this month: [3]

So why are we insisting on playing the victim, here, of everyone who has the courage and foresight to drill for oil [4]? Why are we so opposed to making use on the world stage, of the energy we have as a controlling factor for all this gamesmanship by OPEC [5]? I hasten to point out that our immediate price problems would ease long before such domestic sources came online. All that needs doing is to show the world we’re not playing the victim, anymore. How to do that?

Drill, refine, repeat.

It’s that simple.

Oh… there is the added dimension of telling the enviro-whack jobs to sit down and shut up. But, stop at any gas station, and tell the people paying twice what they should for fuel, that they’re saving the Snail Darter. After you remove the gasoline hose from your mouth, (and barf up a few gallons of the stuff they’ve poured into you) and get several attackers off of you, you’ll begin to understand that there is a groundswell of anger against the left and the enviro-whackjobs on these issues. The only out here is increasing supply.. and making a commitment to keep domestic oil [4] supplies flowing. We do have the power to do this. Such an increase doesn’t need to supply all our needs, but needs to be enough to change the rules of the game OPEC [5] is playing… because what affects OPEC [5] will also change the rules of the speculation game that’s now going on, and keeping our prices high. The person, the party which makes that commitment, that does all that will be unbeatable come November. (Hint: The Democrats [6] haven’t done this, nor are they likely to)

If the feedback I got on all this is of any inditcation, we are shortly going to be coming to a point where the American people are going to figure out how the government has been screwing them ov [1]er on all this. The energy probelms we face right now are not with the oil companies, but with the nitwits who were sitting in judgement  of them yesterday.  Woe to the Democrats when the American people begin to figure this stuff out. The party, the individual who figures all this out and starts harping on getting government out of the way of energy, and doesn’t have a record of being part of the problem,  will be unstopable in the next election.


And by the way, a little side note, here… Did you notice the prediction for $12/gallon gas? That’s usually the first sign of a bubble bursting. Just file it away for now.