Another Chicago minister is causing headaches for Barack Obama after he told the Democratic candidate’s church congregation Sunday that Hillary Clinton felt entitled to the presidency because she’s white.

Catholic pastor Michael Pfleger, who is white, issued a formal apology for his sermon Thursday after Obama put out a statement saying he was “deeply disappointed” by Pfleger’s remarks at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

“I regret the words I chose on Sunday. These words are inconsistent with Senator Obama’s life and message, and I am deeply sorry if they offended Senator Clinton or anyone else who saw them,” Pfleger said.

That was after a video of his sermon was posted on YouTube.

In it, Pfleger mocked Clinton for getting choked up on camera before the New Hampshire primary in January.

“When Hillary was crying … I really don’t believe it was put on. I really believe that she just always thought ‘This is mine. I’m Bill’s wife. I’m white. And this is mine’,” he said, shouting at times. “Then out of nowhere came, ‘Hey I’m Barack Obama’. And she said, ‘Oh damn! Where did you come from? I’m white! I’m entitled! There’s a black man stealing my show’!”

That’s Fox news.

The obvious parallels, here, make the whole affair sound like a broken record.

On that vid, we have the suppsoedly Catholic priest up front screaming and carrying on with his Black Liberation Theolgy, and the audience cheering him on, not offended, but rather encouraged by his sermon, and cheering him on. Gave him a standing ovation, too. Just like with Wright.

(As an aside, I was of the impression that there was a papal edict against such politicking from Priests. What happened there?)

Obama’s excuses, last time amounted to I didn’t know Wright was doing this stuff, and that the church isn’t wright, so replacing him will remove this problem, and Wright is Retiring, anyway.

Here’s the deal, folks, Obama can seperate himself from this clergyman, as well as he could Wright, but that doesn’t seperate him from the problem, because Wight while most certainly at the center of the controversy the way the press pushed it a few months back,isn’t the real problem. This was never about Wright per se’, a point proved by Wright leaving and the place still going in the same racist direction.

Oh… and need I really point up that this Prist is listed among Obama’s ‘spiritual advisors’?

You see?

Even absent Wright, this racist mentality is foundational to that church, that group of people. Including Obama, one may conclude. No, MUST conclude. The question was and now remains, how is it that Obama managed to sit in this church for 20 years, soaking up the racism, and subjecting his kids to it? Not only are we dealing with an issue of racism on the part of Obama, we’re dealing with a question of his honesty in this matter as well. How are we to accept that such comments were so rare that Obama never heard them, when every time someone opens their mouth in that slime pit, the same words tumble out?

Oh… and has anyone actually listened to Otis Moss, the new pastor, there? Let’s just say one listen, and you’ll understand on what Rock this Moss grew… and the rock isn’t Christ.


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