In case you were holding your breath, and your vote, waiting to see what Gore Vidal thinks,

(Is he even able to think? Seems a bit of a stretch at the off, given he apparently lost that ability 40 years gone, which was exactly when he figured out what JFK was..)

“I never believed in Jack’s charisma,” Vidal says shortly. JFK, he believes, was “one of our worst presidents”; Bobby, his brother, was “a phoney, a little Torquemada”; and their father, Joseph, was “a crook – should have been in jail”.

So much for Camelot. “But Jack had great charm,” he adds. “So has Obama. He’s better educated than Jack. And he’s been a working senator. Jack never went to the office – he wanted the presidency and his father bought it for him.”

Well, gee… I know I feel better, now, don’t you? (Shudder)

There’s no guarantee, of course, that the Democrats will triumph later this year, even if Obama does win the nomination. Does he think Obama can beat John McCain?

His views on the man the Democratic candidate will have to beat are even more brutal than his views on Hillary: ” You could beat McCain! I’ve never met anyone in America who has the slightest respect for him.

The direct result of being 80 years disconnected from reality, I suppose.  Example; Out here in the real world, I’ve yet to meet anyone who had any respect whatever for Gore Vidal. Someone get the old boy some melba toast, huh? It’ll shut him up for a while.

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