I’ve been considering what to write about Kennedy, for most of the afternoon. With one thing and another, my thoughts ended up being interrupted frequently enough to make writing extended thoughts impossible. So I jotted down a bunch of smaller notes, as I often do, thinking to make one larger post out of it with a little editing and polish. in looking at it, however, there is no real way to separate out some of these thoughts into one smooth post.  So I’ll just put the shorter pieces in the points and let it go at that.

  • Based on the reports, he’s got at best 5 years, more likely, six months.  I’ve seen people go through brain conditions in their downward spiral.  Acquaintances, good friends, on a couple of occasions.  They were Alzheimer’s patients, and I suppose they prospect of losing your mind in that way is as daunting as the senator is dealing with just now.
  • Already I think I can guarantee you that whoever gets the Democrat nomination is going to be playing to the sympathy vote come November.  I suspect and suppose that speeches are already being written to that effect. (Oh, wait… too late. -Bit) We are going to see the name Kennedy invoked more times between now and November than it has been in the last several years combined.
  • Already, the usual leftist sites are making noises about how there is a lot of ugly comment making going on as regards the senator.  I’ve seen some of it, and I will tell you that the vast majority of it is so mild as to be unnoticeable, particularly when held in comparative light with what passes for free speech on the Democrat Underground, Kos, and so on.  Funny thing; we heard all of it, when Reagan died, not so many years ago. Why so sensitive, now, I wonder?  Of course, I know why.  It’s one of theirs. A telling point.
  • I can’t help but wonder what Senator Kennedy thinks about his private health insurance, now.  of course, what is private health insurance doesn’t pick up the federal government will, meaning you and I will be paying for it regardless.  I suspect, however, that one comment that you won’t hear from the left is how only the rich get the kind of health care that Senator Kennedy is getting, between now and whenever.
  • Of course nobody will mention that the man has overseen the downfall of the Kennedy political legacy, starting with getting his butt kicked out of Harvard back in ’51, and then ramping it up a few notches with the death of MaryJo Kopekne, and then losing to political lightweight Jimmy Carter of all people, then backing John Kerry.  (Seems to be a pattern with the Democrats, doesn’t it?)
  • Nobody will mention that while Ted Kennedy proclaimed leadership in the green movement in America on the floor of the U.S. Senate.  And that while wanting to be remembered as a force in getting the country off foreign oil, I’m willing to bet there is no one of them was going to mention anything about the number of votes that Ted Kennedy made against n domestic drilling. ANWR, for example. I’m willing to bet that nobody is going to make mention of the wind farm that Ted Kennedy was instrumental in defeating off Cape Cod.  Nobody’s going to remember the diesel fuel dumping incident into those same waters, waters which he told everyone were pristine and sacred to him. one can understand why Kennedy is so revered; he’s a better liar than most of them.  Including Bill Clinton.
  • Of course, there have been signs for some time that Kennedy has been losing it, bit by bit for some time. I’m sure will discover more as time goes on.  I really haven’t had a chance to look around much through the archives of stuff I’ve kept on hand for just this purpose.  Big waste of space, if I don’t use it now, I suppose.
  • Make no mistake; I wish him well in his current physical troubles.  I would do so for anyone alive.  But do not expect me to mouth platitudes about how much good Ted Kennedy did for this country.  He didn’t.