Bob Novak at RCP:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Close-in supporters of Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign are convinced he never will offer the vice presidential nomination to Sen. Hillary Clinton for one overriding reason: Michelle Obama.

The Democratic front-runner’s wife did not comment on other rival candidates for the party’s nomination, but she has been sniping at Clinton since last summer. According to Obama sources, those public utterances do not reveal the extent of her hostility.

Now isn’t that interesting? 

 This sounds rather strangely like two very similar personalities butting heads. The implication, though, both of this report, and my speculation, is that we have in Michelle Obama, an even more controlling and politically ambitious woman than Hillary Clinton, herself, and almost certainly one as domineering over Barrack Obama, as Hillary Clinton has been over Bubba. But, more;

If the two women are similarly dominant in their relationships with their husband’s political career, it also implies one far more ambitious than Hillary Clinton ever was, given the timeframes and career paths… At least Bubba was govenor of a southern state for a few years, and came up through at least some of the ranks. Obama, meanwhile, has only been a Senator for three years, about half of which he’s been concentrating on running for POTUS far more than he’s been doing his Senatorial duties.

Given that level of influence, it seems logical to suggest that she might also have at least the same degree of influence that Hillary Clinton had over Bubba while they were in the White House.  It also seems logical on that basis to question how much Michelle Obama buys into the anti-American, racist nonsense, that was coming from the pulpit of Jerry Wright, for 20 years, given the degree of influence she demonstrably has on the candidate.



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