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Is Gender Feminist Just a Synonym for Weak?

Ever notice a gender feminist. a/k/ cow.  that had mind of her own, or actually took a stand to improve the lot of women?  Neither have I.  

The cows were out in force in St Louis, Kavita Kumar,, STLtoday, “Hundreds turn back on Schlafly at ceremony [1]

ST. LOUIS — Some felt the silent protest with white armbands and the dramatic turning of backs was disrespectful.

But those who took part said it was a fitting way to show their disapproval that Washington University was honoring a woman whose views and life’s work they strongly disagree with.

For her part, Phyllis Schlafly, the 83-year-old at the center of the controversy, said she thought it was “juvenile” of students who were “raining on their own parade.” But it didn’t ruin her moment, she said.

At today’s commencement ceremony held on a sunny Brookings Quadrangle, Schlafly did not seem to notice the hundreds of backs turned to her while a citation heralding her accomplishments was read. A tense hush settled over the gathering of more than 14,000 people. Schlafly responded with a tranquil smile she held for several minutes as she was given an honorary doctorate of humane letters.

Margaret Bush Wilson, a retired civil rights attorney, volunteered to introduce Schlafly as faculty and students were

LIke any good cow, the cows in Saint Louis know what that told,and only believe that that told to believe, Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review, “What a Disgrace:” [2]

Reportedly [1] a third of the students graduating from Washington University today turned their back on Phyllis Schlafly. Washington University is her alma mater and the history maker and mover was receiving an honorary degree. The protesters should really be ashamed of their childishness. They ought to show a little respect. And, oh, by the way: She happens to have been right [3].

How stupid can a cow get, Bruce Walker, American Thinker,Twilight of the goddesses – The Ragnarok of Feminism [4]:”

  [4]It is the Twilight of the goddesses today.  The world is staggering toward totalitarianism, and that certainly includes the Leftists in free democracies who hate the freedom and hate the democracy which prevents them from grasping raw power.  Hillary was never going to become the master of America.  Feminism is a cruel joke played on women.  It is no more “pro-women” than the Nazi Party was “pro-German” or the Ku Klux Klan was “pro-white people.”  Just as the Wagnerian catastrophe of Nazi produced a horrible Ragnarok for the German people, so feminism is producing a needless savaging of women

A moo on command, Jessica, Feministing, “Hundreds Thousands turn their back on Phyllis Schlafly [5]:”

Awesome! If anyone has pictures, please send them in! [6]

No moo here, Elizabeth Scalia: Anchoress [7]:

Okay, then, moving on: I’ve invented a new word: Obnoxism. It describes taking an obnoxious, infantile and ultimately extremely illiberal behavior and then encouraging others in it until a vast crowd turns its back on an 83 year old woman [8], with most of them probably having no idea why they’re doing it except that, “she’s an intolerant conservative, not a tolerant liberal, like us!”

The gender feminists, which to say the cows, keep saying that they want access to power.  They say they want strong women leaders.   Yet no American woman has been a strong as Schlafly and no other American of the previous century as had so much personal impact on our constitution.    Schlafly, achieved power and used it.  Rather than savor the freedom fought for by Schlafly, the cows moo for the serfitude of a Betty Freidan.