Hume, last night:

There are strong indications that much the world may soon experience a decrease in surface temperatures. A report by German scientists in Thursday’s issue of the journal ‘Nature’ says shifting Atlantic Ocean currents will cool parts of North America and Europe over the next decade. The results are similar to those of a NASA study of Pacific Ocean currents released last month, and they mean that predicted increase in overall global temperature over the next decade may not happen.

The cause of global warming. When  there is none, we cal it global cooling. Man has nothing to do with either one.So, does this cool any of the current alarm over concerning man-made global warming? Apparently not. Study co-author Noel Kennlyside says it’s a temporary reprieve adding, “We thought a lot about the way to present this because we don’t want it to be turned around in the wrong way. I hope it doesn’t become a message of Exxon Mobil and other skeptics.”

You can understand his position. After all, he’s trying to prevent losing his one source of power over the rest of us. Gotta keep the myth of global warming going in spite of any fact.

But look; We’ve been saying for years that the sun was the source of global temp variations.  Ask any HAM radio operator; Sunspot cycles tend to move in 11 year cycles. So how long is the cooling period supposed to last, again?  10 years, give or take, they’re saying. Gee… nothing to THAT link, is there?

And did you note the way Kennlyside worded his response?  If the truth leaks out about the myth of global warming, it’s all Exxon-Mobil, not science. But THe myth pushers are not trying to propagandize us, right?


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