Britt Hume last night:

And an artist in Portland, Oregon has stuck a 23-foot needle into the ground by the Willamette River and hopes to plant more. Adam Kuby says it’s a really large version of acupuncture. Kuby says he wants to help the city rejuvenate its “chi” — its vital energy.

“It’s a visual way of expressing what a lot of people already know. [The city is] one organism, one body, one very complex, independent system,” Kuby said.

This isn’t the first odyssey into oddity for Portland, which is or has been home to the 24 Hour Church of Elvis, the voodoo doughnut shop, nude bike festivals and what was billed as the world’s longest drag queen chorus line.

Which links up rather well with the veggie rights thing I linked to the other night.  And don’t they just both play into the morality/cultural  shift I spoke to earlier today?

Now, guess who these people will be voting for?

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