The debut column of the newest Townhall columist:

Fred Thompson from TownhallSecond, change – whether it “real change,” “bold change” or the “change we can believe in” variety others are selling – isn’t itself an innovative policy or a particularly strong leadership stance. In fact, from Burke to Buckley, there has been an acknowledgment that change in the political arena is inevitable and necessary, and we in the U.S. tend to experience it in regular, 2, 4 and 6 year intervals, so 2008 is hardly our first rodeo. The challenge for conservatives is calibrating whether the change being proposed is consistent with our principles and our philosophy, and whether that change is appropriate

Now Bit may disagree, but I still think Mary Katherine is cuter.


Update: (Bit)

Well, I don’t disagree, but given Donna reads this site daily, I suppose I’ll withhold comment.

I do find this resurgence of Fred Thompson timely, though, and to my mind, it answers some queestions about why he was less than running full bore toward the nomination, and why he dropped out when he did. Can Fred be eyeing the VP slot?

The idea has much going for it, from a political perspective; He and Mccain are freinds, it’s said. Fred is widey seen… correctly I think… as being to the right of McCain, and would thus bring in some voters who might not vote for McCain otherwise.

From a practical perspective, however, can Fred counterbalance some of the patent nonsense coming from McCain’s mouth these days? I wonder.


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