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Cloudy Judgement, Borah And Obama

[1]Plembo, Daily Kos [2]:

William Borah (1865-1940) [1]The President’s quotation came from the last year of Borah’s life, a time when the 75 year [1]William Edgar Borah old former Republican Presidential candidate had become increasingly erratic in his public statements on the crisis in Europe. In that context, I find myself feeling sympathy for the Senator, who may have let his desire for peace cloud his judgment. Or maybe it was the onset of the cerebral hemorrhage that would finally kill him. Either way, I can’t help think that he deserves just a little more respect than he’s been accorded by the current administration. But then, showing disrespect for, even distorting the memory of, the dead is something that that crowd seems to take particular pleasure

The Senator in question is William Edgar Borah [3] (1865-1940), and the author of the quote:

“Lord, if I could only have talked to Hitler, all this might have been avoided.”

While a republican, Borah seems to endear some fondness from the leftards.   After all Borah was for surrender, before surrender become popular.   Boroh fondness for peace wins leftard sympathy albeit with the suggestion that his judgement had become clouded.   I suggest that a current Senator’s desire for peace has also cloud his judgement even if Barack Hussien Obama some twenty-eight years younger than Boroh as at the time.   Some minds just get clouded before others, and there is little to suggest that BO is capable of clear and rational thinking.    After all, clear thinking is just not BO’s department, Scott, Powerline [4]:

To the charge that Obama is a remarkably naive, inexperienced, and unknowlegeable candidate to fill the position of Commander-in-Chief, we can add a count that he is unserious as well.

BO needs to go back to the Senate, and close the considerable gap between his soaring rhetorical and his weak knowledge of history.