Barack \In war, and politics, everything is expendable.  It one time, BO needed the Trinity Baptist Church to establish his political blackness.  Well BO got his blackness and he has now thrown the Trinity Baptist Church under his campaign bus:

ABARDEEN, S.D. (AP) – Barack Obama is resigning a 20 year membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ in the aftermath of inflammatory remarks by former pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Evidently BO’s plans for Hope and Change don’t include the TBC, if they ever did.

Addendum: (Bit)

It’s as I said Friday;

Here’s the deal, folks, Obama can separate himself from this clergyman, as well as he could Wright, but that doesn’t separate him from the problem, because Wight while most certainly at the center of the controversy the way the press pushed it a few months back,isn’t the real problem. This was never about Wright per se’, a point proved by Wright leaving and the place still going in the same racist direction.

Oh… and need I really point up that this Priest is listed among Obama‘s ‘spiritual advisors’?

You see?

Even absent Wright, this racist mentality is foundational to that church, that group of people. Including Obama, one may conclude. No, MUST conclude. The question was and now remains, how is it that Obama managed to sit in this church for 20 years, soaking up the racism, and subjecting his kids to it? Not only are we dealing with an issue of racism on the part of Obama, we’re dealing with a question of his honesty in this matter as well. How are we to accept that such comments were so rare that Obama never heard them, when every time someone opens their mouth in that slime pit, the same words tumble out?

Remember why Obama told us all about this church? Because he was trying to tell us”But I’m not a Muslim!”

He is now down to trying desperately to separate himself from the the image he’s been projecting.. that he’s solid member of this church…  part of a hateful racist group… one whose philosophy he holds in his own heart. The change of course is not because there was a large change in the church, but rather because the consequences of his professed membership.

Only one small problem; The issue of being a member of the place for 20 years, and much in the way of evidence that the hate spewing from both pulpit and people in that slime pit, are nothing new to the place.  Anyone with even the slightest idea what all this is about is left with the idea that there is no way.. No WAY… he could not have known it was going on…. and no way he was not deeply involved.  One simply does not sit in a pew for 20 years and soak up this stuff, and provide the place with large sums of their money, without signing onto the philosophy of the place. Religion, as I’ve said many times before is for believers, supposed to be the driver of your most deeply held values.  Remember also those vid snips of Wright and now Pfleger, and Moss… preaching their bigotry, also contained long shots of the congregation cheering their racism on, agreeing with it. No way Obama didn’t know. No way.

So, now we’re faced with a choice. We can either trust him when he says he didn’t know the place was a hateful, racist slime pit while he sat in those pews for 20 years, OR we can take his word for it when he says he’s a Christian.  Choose one.

In the case of the former, he’s a liar, whom I want nowhere near any seat of power, including the one he now holds. If the choice is the latter, we must assume he WAS paying attention, those 20 years, and DID in fact know about and agree with the racist attitudes we’ve seen in the place.

Either way, he’s revealed himself as an opportunistic liar of a level that Hillary Clinton couldn’t match. In the end, he’s not going to be able to escape, even by resigning, now. In fact, this resignation worsens his exposure.

Oh… one more thing. Note in the story, that the resignation is attributed to Wright, not to the second racism wave, personified in Pfleger. A rather thin cover, but effective in diverting attention away form the fact that Wright wasn’t the issue.


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