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Al Gore: Ambulance Chaser

Al Gore [1]Jeff Poor, Business & Media Institute “ Gore Calls Myanmar Cyclone a ‘Consequence’ of Global Warming:” [2]

Using tragedy to advance an agenda has been a strategy for many global warming activists, and it was just a matter of time before someone found a way to tie the recent Myanmar cyclone to global warming.

Former Vice President Al Gore in an interview on NPR’s May 6 “Fresh Air” broadcast did just that. He was interviewed by “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross about the release of his book, “The Assault on Reason,” in paperback.

Jeff Emanuel, Red State asks, “So tell me, Al, what caused all those *other* storms in Earth’s history? [3]

It’s so easy, too. All Gore has to do is wait for any day that feels a little warm or a little cool, or a day when the sun shines or is obscured by clouds, or when there is hail or sleet, and say that it was caused by his personal bugaboo, AGW. His *real* money is made, though, when a storm comes.

That’s right, a *storm.* Just like Earth has had for, oh, the entirety of its existence. Remember thunderstorms, tornadoes, cyclones? Thought so — because they happened when you were growing up, just like they did when your parents were growing up, just like they did in the days before the internal combustion engine (called the “greatest threat facing our planet” by Gore in his 1980 book Earth in the Balance).

Al Gore learned well, stealing a page out B.J Clinton’s shoot first, ask question later, playbook, Armstrong Williams, BNET [4]:

That is just the kind of absurd leap President Clinton is making, while trying to turn the heartland’s loss into his political profit. Clinton has quickly descended from one of the loftiest points in his presidency to one of his lowest with remarks assigning responsibility for the Oklahoma City bombing to talk radio. Citing “loud and angry voices” spreading hate over the airwaves, the president has tried to tag his critics as accessories to the heinous attack.

Old play, bad play Al.  The play didn’t work for B.J in 2005 and it’s not going to work for you.  :Life can be rough for a college drop-out?