HMM: “I think it is obvious that the superdelegates will pick Obama. They have their own self-interest to consider, not to mention the long-term interest of the party. The choice for Obama is clear â?? and it would be clear even if they knew Clinton would win and Obama will lose.”

So notes InstaGlenn.

This is probably correct, but I cannot engine that either way, the super delegates vote is going to be ending up as a net positive for the Democrat party.

Think about this with me; If the superdelegates end up voting against Obama, I will guarantee you that we will end up with race riots before the end of the 24 hour period in which the vote is taken.  The resulting resentment from within the party and from outside of it, will most likely keep the Democrats out of the White House for the next few cycles it least.

If on the other hand, they decided to nominate him, instead of rejecting him in favor of Clinton, the resulting for years will be pretty much the same way.  The policies that Obama has proposed, if enacted, would make Jimmy Carter look like a cakewalk by comparison, and would result in a Reaganesque landslide at the far end of it for the Republicans, and for the next several cycles beyond.

And either way they go, we’re going to see a real whacko festival in Denver, which will be broadcast for all to see. Trust me that this will not exactly be a good image for the Democrats to put forward to the American people while seeking their vote, but I suppose they can hardly help who they are.

I have described this on several occasions as the Democrats worst possible nightmare.  The only nightmare that could possibly be worse is if either one of them manages to get themselves elected.

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