Did anyone notice the two goons that were standing behind Reverend Jeremiah Wright as he delivered his speech at the national press club?  Did they looked familiar at all to you?

They should.  They were from the Nation of Islam.  Yes, that’s Farrakhan’s group.
(Update: Bit… Well, looks like Michelle Malkin noticed. Good for you, Michelle. )

You remember Farrakhan; no one who told everyone that he had been brought up into the mothership.  The one whom Jeremiah Wright himself gave his Trumpeter award to, and has honored him subsequently as well.

I don’t think you’re going to find many people who will argue that Louis Farrakhan is a complete nut bag.  Yet holding is not bag in high esteem is nothing new for Reverend Wright.

So how is it that Senator Obama is just now finding out about this, and is shocked by it? so was Mr. Obama lying then, when he told us about how Reverend Wright was his spiritual adviser, his mentor, and friend, or is he lying now, when he tells us he didn’t know about these radical views that Reverend Wright confirmed he holds at yesterday’s press club dinner?

Either way, I would say as an offhand comment that the senator has a serious credibility problem to overcome.

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