I hate to say this, but I’m not all that worked up about any of Hillary Clinton’s (or any other politician’s) hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy is unbecoming, and it may even raise some question of character (although I’m not sure how exactly), but it’s really empty criticism.  On it’s own, it might make a good argument for discussing the topic that the hypocrisy is focused on, but as a means of fomenting disfavor, I prefer to find more substantive methods.

I’m with you there Art, all of it… there are certainly criminal issues that should be focused on… but I tell you that this kind of thing is so effective because of the point of view of most of her supporters. To understand that comment you need first to understand that our perspective in her earnings is not the important one.

Consider this from the angle of the far leftist Democrat someone whose entire political understanding of money is limited to what Marx taught, and whose definition of ‘rich’ is someone who earns dime one more that they do.  It’s a little hard to attract such people, by saying you’re one with the ‘little people’ when you get hit full in the face with reports of earnings of $109mUSD over seven years.  It’s a little hard to run your primary play.. class warfare… when you’re of the class that you’re suppsoedly fighting.

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