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Terrorists Playing for the Election Coverage?

Hume, last night: [1]

If you had any doubt that insurgents in Iraq are aware of the political seasons here in the U.S., consider this: New data from the Defense Intelligence Agency shows that enemy initiated attacks during the entire course of the war peaked in October 2006 — the month leading up to the midterm elections. That month, the total number of insurgent led attacks was at more than 5,000.

The data shows that between November 2006 and May 2007, attacks remained at the highest levels of the 5 year conflict. However, the numbers indicate that since the surge was fully implemented last summer that attacks have dropped significantly — down about 70 percent since June 2007.

One of the messages sent by the surge was that we were going to stay and see it through. Now, I tell you, friends, this is going to be a rough summer over there. THe attacks, or at least, attempted attacks will increase as the election comes on. They’re trying to weaken our resolve.

But one reason that people over there are starting to turn on AlQuieda, is that the surge taught them we were going to see this thing done.

So, now the question; If we react to increased violence over there by elected a cut and run Democrat, what message does that send to the Iraqi people who risk everything by going against AlQuieda?