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Richard Warman on the War Path, Yet Again.

Richard Warman, Canada’s most litigious bigot, not content with merely persecuting, Ezra Levant [1] and is now persucuting the vertiable Who’s Who of the Canadian conservative blogosphere, Levant; Kate McMillan, Small Dead Animals [2]; Kathy Shaidle, Five Feet of Fury [3] and Free Dominion [4]. If you are blog, are Canadian, conserative and big Warman is suing. Levant [5]:

Today I was sued by Richard Warman, Canada’s most prolific – and profitable – user of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. As readers of this site know, Warman isn’t just a happy customer of section 13 and its 100% conviction rate, he’s a former CHRC employee, an investigator of section 13 thought crimes himself. In fact, he was often both a customer and an investigator at the same time

Ezra estimates it will cost each of the defendent thirty thousand dollars to defend themselves. Warman seems like a Canadian version of Eliot Spitzer, using the resources of the state to oppress individual freedom.

Addendum I:

Michelle has more [6]. I missed a some bloggers. Sorry about that.

At Ezra’s [7], Kathy’s [3], Connie and Mark’s [4], and Kate’s [2] blogs, you can find “Donate” buttons.

I’ve pitched in $100 to each blog. Can I find at least 10 readers out there who can match? If you can pitch in anything at all, please take time today to do so.

As I said when I wrote about the coming attack last month, their fight is our fight. Time to put our money where are mouths/hearts/blogs are.

I note, and applaud, that Michelle matches her words with deeds. Well done.

Addendum II: (Bit)

Rusty Shackleford [8]at the Jawa Report notes the story and passes on a note from Levant:

Obviously, this fight isn’t just about Warman and the defendants. It’s about political censorship, the abuse of government power, and the freedom of the blogosphere. Warman wants to marginalize and perhaps even criminalize conservative ideas. Well, I want to denormalize the human rights commissions. It’s going to be a helluva fight – and an excellent opportunity to showcase the abusive, corrupt, bullying, censorious nature of the CHRCs and their star pupil, Richard Warman.

I don’t even think the importance of this fight is limited to Canada. The creeping censorship that Warman embodies is of the same breed as the censorship that Geert Wilders faces for his film, Fitna. It’s part of a global attempt to squelch ideas about liberty and other western values. It’s part of an unholy alliance between domestic leftists and foreign jihadis.

I can only say that I suspect we may take Warman still wasting air as being the direct result of Canadian gun control.

Addendum III:  ( David L )

The Canadian HUman Rights Commission is a kangaroo court, but as Eliot Spitzer demonstrated, kangaroo courts can continue to operate if they have public support.   In Spitzer’s case, he maintained  public support by attacking Wall Street, widely percieved as being selfish and greedy.

In Canada the HRC maintains support by having an obstensive nobel purpose.   Liberals are loath to kill an institution said to dedicated to human rights.    George Orwell would be proud.

The task of Levant et al to convince the Canadan public that Warman is not pro human rights, but rather anti freedom.   As the ‘rats have demonstrated south of the border, liberals don’t merely hate conservatives.   They hate anybody their percieve as threat to their power.