Pamala Bone, in a stock photo from The AgeMark Steyn provides interesting reading this morning:

The Australian columnist Pamela Bone died of cancer this weekend. She was a feminist, an atheist and most of the other -ists you might expect from a western woman of her general disposition (she was a recipient, among many other awards, of something called the “UN media peace prize”). But in her final years she came to see that the Islamization of the west represented a profound challenge to everything she believed in. It began fairly tentatively. She seems almost to be thinking aloud in this piece for the Melbourne Age on the British subjects born and bred who self-detonated on the London Tube:

In Melbourne the day after September 11, Muslim students at a state high school danced on the desks with glee. What are these young people being taught by their decent and law-abiding parents? Literature being sold at a store attached to a Brunswick mosque tells Muslims they should “hate and take as enemies” Jews, Christians, atheists and secularists, and that they should “learn to hate in order to properly love Allah”. How many Muslims complain when they see this kind of hate literature? Did the large Sydney audience complain when Sheikh Feiz Muhammad charged recently that because of the way they dressed, women had only themselves to blame if they were raped? No, they applauded him.

The column ends as follows:

Perhaps it is time to say, it’s been wonderful, but a few things need to be made clear. Perhaps it is time to say, you are welcome, but this is the way it is here.

There’s more at the link of course. Not much, at least in terms of words but the idea per word ratio is unusually high, even for Steyn, a master at such, usually. There’s an awful lot of density, in terms of the message being sent in a very small post.  In the end, Ms Bone apparently came to understand the argument I’ve been making at this blog for all of it’s nearly eight years. That alone rates her passing a mention in these spaces, but when Steyn launches off of it, it’s doubly worthy.

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