You’ll forgive me if don’t bust a gut getting every breath of info out about the Clinton victory in PA tonight, given it was a done deal a week ago. The question becomes, though, by how much? And that question, given what we have seen of Democrat party doings in other states could take days/weeks to find out.

I said this before, today, but I know there’s going to be a fair amount of traffic headed for this one link, so I’ll say it again here:

Winning by single digits won’t do anything.
Winning by 10-20% will keep her nose above water, but that’s all.
The only thing that is going to do Hillary Clinton any good at all is 20% or more.
See you next Tuesday with the results.

Well, OK. Fellow Swamp stomper Sister Toldjah is live blogging the results. Blue Crab Blvd adds results, and comments, too.

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