• I was a little more than slightly tounge in cheek when I suggested last night that it would take a week for the primary returns to show up. We’ve seen it take just that long in other cases this cycle, and longer. Given the speed with which the returns popped up last night, the change is remarkable.
    But you know, I can’t help but wonder if the speed of the returns in the particular states isn’t at least partly a response to an issue of returns coming back fast or slow is not directly related to Hillary Clinton’s looking good as a result of the info being released in a timely fashion, or not.
    As an example, a close loss, gets mulled over ala Florida 2000, until everyone’s so bored, they’re not paying attention, anymore. Thus her losses are jnot as widely remarked as her victories, say, last night, as an example.
    I more than grant you, this is speculation. But it would match the HRC we’ve come to know very well… very well, indeed. It’s a smaller point than the one I made earlier today about 68 repeating itself, but still worth the mention.
  • The big question at all the nets, these days is why Obama can’t, as Clinton likes to say, “Close the deal”. The reason is simple enough.. and I say ‘reason’, singular, since there’s really only one answer. The Demorat party of today has been plaing  one group against the other for so long that the factionalization that gave them so much power for the last few decades, has started taking over the party itself. In this case, the two groups are blacks, and women. I mean, look at the positioning of the candidates; If you vote in the primary for Hillary Clinton,  you’re a racist, because Obama is black. Similarly, if you vote for Obama, you’re a sexist, against women. I’ve been saying it for years, now; the worst thing one can do is give a Democrat exatcly what they demand. they demanded that we get more blacks and more owmen into the political process. Having done so, and presented with the choice between two of their favored groups, they freeze up and break apart faster than the starter on my old Z-28 when it got hot. How can a party which is so predominantly based on explioting differences for it’s own gain, ever be unified, even when it’s own power is at stake? the answer is before us; They can’t.
  • I take this news about Tony Snow as an ominous sign. I like Tony, always have. He seems a likable enough sort, that it’s hard NOT to like the guy. Let’s say I’m concerned, here and let it go at that, for the moment.
  • I’m not even going to touch  this.
  • John Lott makes the obvious point that ‘Gun Free’ zones are not safe.
  • You’d better hope Global warming is true, because otherwise we’re going to freeze. Once again, sunspots are the issue.
  • You didn’t REALLY think they had a plan, did you?
  • High 70’s today, and a little rain. Figures; I washed the truck last night.

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