• Look, Billy, I’m somewhat sympathetic to the argument, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that they went to this place with the specific goal in mind of pissing off the constabulary. To what end? Don’t tell me about how these morons were on some kind of freedom crusade, because I’m not buying it. Let’s also not lose sight of the fact that it’s pretty much understood that the monument area is pretty much out of bounds past sundown, unless you’ve budgeted for holdup money. That, if nothing else, has to affect the attitude of the local cops. And doesn’t anyone find the concept of self-professed libertarians gathering at the shrine of Jefferson… symbol of the Democrat party, which in it’s turn is the largest enemy of libertarian thought? I mean, granted, I think Jefferson would disown the Democrats given the chance, but there it is…
  • I’m watching this business in Texas… that sect of the Mormons…all those kids who aren’t sure who their parents are, etc… with a somewhat jaundiced eye. I’m non-plussed at the government’s handing of this, but in fairness, I wonder how else it could be done better. Bottom line at least at the moment is, I don’t think it can be. But you know, there’s an issue here that’s been bothering me a bit with all of this, and it’s a practical one; Not only do we have some very troubled kids as a result of this, (to say nothing of the erstwhile parents) who are doubtless going to need lost in the way of counseling, at least, we’re dealing with multiple generations of this kind of forced paring. Are we dealing with any genetic issues in the group, as a result? What happens when we let these folks out into society?
  • The Oil bubble hasn’t popped yet… 117 today… but trust me, when I say it will.
  • Secretary of State Rice says the White House clearly told former President Carter not to meet with Hamas leaders in Egypt, says Fox. So why isn’t Carter in jail, Condi? Let’s get it done.
  • Around here, it’s nice. High 75, today. Sunny, until the weekend, we’re hearing, now. Hated missing the sleep but it was kinda nice being woken up by the birds through the open window, last night. Only drawback; they crank up at about 04:15.
  • Both Clinton and Obama have been downplaying expectations, today, in advance of the vote in PA. Polls opened there at 7 this morning, and voting is brisk today, we’re being told.  Weather’s as good down there as it’s been here along the South shore of Ontario, so that’s not a factor. As I said yesterday however, even assuming Hillary Clinton wins PA, it changes nothing.  That floor fight in Denver should be amusing.
  • Nice to see Boortz echo my read and David’s, too…of the Jimmy Cater thing. I didn’t comment on David’s post because he hit the thing square, to the point where I had nothing to add. So does Boortz. Grated minds make a nice toping for pasta, after all.
  • I guess I’m not overly shocked that nobody picked up on the Richard Quest story we ran here yesterday morning. Just a little disappointed.  Maybe, it’s so commonplace, anymore that… nah… I’m not even sure I buy that. I suspect it’s more a situation of hoping the problem will disappear before someone notices the trend I mentioned.
  • With this Earth day’s passing, it’ll be educational to see why one person decided to leave Greenpeace. Mostly, I figure because he was being honest. If more people were, Greenpeace wouldn’t exist, and Al Gore would be Al Who? Imagine there’s no Greenpeace. It’s easy if you try. Advancement of man unhindered. No ‘Global Warming” cry. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope someday, we’ll find a way… to hurl Al Gore into the sun.

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