• I see Presdient Bush is bypassing a lot of laws and regulations to get the southern fence built. Bravo, Presdient Bush, …..on two levels; 1: the fence is actually going to be built. 2: most of these regulations are revealed by this bypassing process as being a roadblock to progess, and to more than just the government…. it’s just that government gets to bypass its own rules when the need arises. We’re costing ourselves with over-regulation.  Is there anyone who doesn’t understand this one?
  • Reynolds says:

    WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THE HOOKERS IN AMERICAN POLITICS lately? At least Bill Clinton was getting it for free.

    Yeah, but look what he ended UP with, OK? Of course, one of you is bound to point out just what it was he was running away from. Before you do, yeah, I’d have to say that’s true, and I wouldn’t dream in my worst nightmare about hitting either one of ’em.

  • Bruce notes the same meme and notes it’s not limited to US politics, either.
  • Oh, speaking of Reynolds, have you seen his sitemeter lately? he’s pulling a quarter million hits per day… Yikes!
  • I see where Hillary Clinton’s likening herself to Rocky Balboa. Note to Hillary: Rocky was better looking, and smarter. Likely, he was and is more real than you are, as well.  The usual comment about Hillary Clinton these days is “How life-like!”
  • I keep hearing stuff about how edgy Nervous and jerky, the Democrats are getting out on the campaign trail. Meltdowns? I’m thinking of starting a betting pool, to see how meltsdown outright, first.
  • Got into the lower 40’s here today, and struggled at that. Weird after being so warm yesterday. Supposed to be in the middle 50’s on Saturday, though, so all will be forgiven.
  • I see by way of OTB, that a Saudi woman was killed for using Facebook to talk to a man. Of course her killer won’t be arrested, much less convinced of a crime. I keep saying it, folks. Not all cultures are equal. Notice that it’s those who keep trying to get us to ‘respect all cultures’ that are so shocked when this kinda thing comes up? What they’re dancing around is this kind of thing showing up here in the west, is the logical result of the kind of ‘open mindedness’ they propose.
  • DJ Durant over at Conservative Reader notes increased discussion on Socialist Security. He’s right of course… just ditch the stupid thing is the best option of the bunch. Then again, people have been paying into it all this time, so it’ll have to be a ramp-down. However that might be, I don’t suppose anyone in power will ever have the stones to even think about proposing such a move, without some serious PR… like… years of it, saying why such a thing should happen.

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