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Nightly Ramble: Crucifixion,Zimbabwe,our Place in the World,New Low for BDS, And More

Addendum:  (David L)

So Jeremiah Wright is now saying he’s been subject to a public crucifixion. I suppose it’s no shock that we all create God in our own image, but it’s one of the few tines I’ve ever heard of Christ being favorably compared to a racist loudmouthed loser like Wright. I’d like to suggest that Wright is an idiot, except that this nonsense is too clearly calculated

It is fair to say that theology is just not my long suit, and closer to a null suit.    Having said that, I can’t pass on the Wright’s comments.    Jesus is about salvation.   Wright is about damnation.   Jesus is about forgiveness.  Wright is about vengeance.   Egads when Wright’s theology flunks even my version of the smell test, you know it is pretty rank.