I am not a lawyer, and I do not play one on television, but it seems like to me that a statement like this could be a cause for action, Ezra Levant:

Don’t eat at McDonald’s on South West Marine Drive in Vancouver.

Listen. I love McDonald’s, both for their food and for what they stand for philosophically. I thought that Super Size Me was a piece of anti-capitalist, anti-beef propaganda.

But when you’re in Vancouver, skip the McDonald’s on Marine Drive.

That’s because the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has ruled that one of the employees there has a human right not to wash her hands when working in their kitchen

I do not patronize McDonald’s, and will not.   However McDs has a hard earned reputation for cleanliness.   McD’s earned their reputation and are entitled to the hard won fruits of their labors.     The British Columbia Human Rights Commission admits to knowing absolutely nothing about running a restaurant, or food borne illnesses.   Yet the BCHRC has ordered McDonald’s not to enforce their hand washing policy.    That is the BCHRC has just deprived McDonald’s of their reputation as a clean restaurant.   As the BCHRC has deprived McDonald’s of something of value, to wit their reputation for cleanliness, it would seem that McDonald’s is entitled to redress, to wit the restoration of their reputation and compensation for damage done by the BCHRC.    That is McDonald’s ought to haul the BCHRC to court and sue the commission for besmirching their corporate reputation.


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One Response to “McDonald’s V. the British Columbia Human Rights Commission”

  1. It’s OK.
    I elected to skip Canada, years ago.
    And I live within 60 miles of the place.