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Jimmy Carter to Meet With Hamas Leader in Syria?

So, Jimmy Carter is going to Syria to meet with Hamas? [1]


Does anyone remember how there was a little nonsense form the Democrats who were spreading the SR71 Blackbird rumor [2]? Where GHW Bush had suppsoedly gone to Iran to negotiate in secret? If you’ll recall there was a lot of chatter about how he should have been arrested for conducting his own foreign policy. So, why are we not arresting Mister Peanut? Isn’t dealing with terrorists a crime?

Allah [3] has more.

Addendum I:  (David L)

Jimmy Carter is not traveling to Damascus for figs and dates.   Carter is acting as somebody’s Representative.  I want to know who Carter is purporting to represent and what Carter’s message is.   Further, I would want each of the major candidates, John McCain, Barack Obama, and Mrs. Clinton to confirm or deny Carter’s connection with their campaign.   Convene a grand jury, and compel Carter’s testimony.   More than enough evidence exists for a violation of the Logan Act.   I don’t necessarily want to convict Carter, but the United States is entitled to know what message he was carrying and for whom.

Addendum II: (Bit)

Well, exactly. The timing of this, being right in the midst of an election cycle,  is no accident.