George A Follow up to  Bit’s comments on Jay Rockefeller‘s, slander of the American Fighting Man,  such lies should never go unanswered.  In that spirit, the Charleston Daily Mail, runs a column by Bud Day, Knox Nunnally, Orson Swindle and Nick Veasy.   A brief deception of the authors’ military bona fide appears at the bottom of the column:

Day, an Air Force pilot, served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, where he was a POW for five years and seven months. Nunnally, a former Marine captain, has done three tours in Iraq. Swindle, a Marine pilot, was a POW for six years and four months. Veasey, a former Marine captain, was recon platoon commander at the Battle of Fallujah.

I count six wars among the four authors.  Yet the description provided is a modest one, even if if dwarfs Rockefelller’s military career.  George “Bud” Day is pictured and the Congressional Medal of Honor is around his neck.    These men are better men than Rockefeller.   They write, “Rockefeller is quite wrong:”

WE were astonished to read Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s remarks smearing John McCain’s honorable and courageous service.

As combat veterans, we know firsthand war’s terrible cost, and these remarks are a grave insult to all our military men and women who have served or are serving.

Hat tips: article, Don Surber; photo:  South Dakota Politics.


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