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Is the Reverend Wright Right?

Jerimiah Wright [1]

A tip of the hat today to the Reverend Jerimiah Wright, in one speech he both propped up Charles Murray and kicked the legs out from under Earl Warren.  Not bad.

Michelle [2] offers offers her engine starter for the day, Wright talking about inate racial differences.  

Note, Wright seemed to have slept through the class on nuance.  However I do suspect soeebody who lives in Frederick County, Maryland [3] is smiling.  The Wright does hold a Phd. Me must know something about something.   

Ok, the black socioeconomic diaparity is a fact. There are three potential causes, or combination of causes. To wit, one genetic(nature), two culture (murture) and discrimination (white antiblack discrimination). Cite either of the first two theories, and you get denounced as racist. Try to explain the socioeconomic dispartiy as mere white antiblack discrimination, and you simply run out of pausible answers.

Wright violated the PC taboo and attributed racial difference to something other than white antiblack discrimination. The danger is is one were to agree with Wright, he is apt to called a racist.

Not only has Wright propped legs under The Bell Curve, he has questioned the premise of Brown v. Board of Eduction [4], that black children can’t learned unless mixed with whites.

The fact is that equal is a mathamatical concept and not a biological one. Different demographic groups simply can not be assumed be equal.

Other commentary, Rachel Lucas [5].

Hat tip photo:  In These Times [6].