On both sides of the pond, concerned parents complain about books targeting school children which promote willful homosexual behavior, as if it were  normal.   The parents complain and  the school boards ignore. 

Now good news, Mike Pechar, Jawa Report, has found a way for concerned parents to get the filth of their children’s school libraries:

Kiog and King(Bristol, England) Two books (image) targeting 5-year-old children with the homosexual agenda have been removed from schools after Muslim parents complained.

This is the same country that has Christians, Jews, Hindus and others regularly complaining about school curricula while achieving slower and less-satisfying results

Concerned parents need to claim to be Muslim.   Heck, if it works, it works.

Hat tip photo:  Interested-Participant.

Addendum:(Bit) It’s always amazing, what happens when liberal goals, which generally are not based in anything which passes for logic to begin with, start butting heads with each other.  The result, of course, is illogic compounded. The sparks that fly are usually enlightening, and are always at least entertaining.

That way for example lies the battle between gender feminism, and racial identity, as provided by Obama and Clinton. That way lies, as another example, the battle between the greenies, waging war for things like Wind power, and the old line liberals like Ted Kennedy, moving against a wind farm in his family playground.

And so on. This business David cites is merely one more such example.

What we should be frightened of is that when this kind of ideological battle happens, almost invariably what falls out is the answer that is more damaging to Western culture. As in this case.

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