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Hillary And the Tax Returns: Whatever Happened to the “Kill The Rich” Crowd?

By way of James Joyner, I note Teagan Goddard, the morning:

Taegan Goddard [1] argues that Hillary Clinton’s release of seven years of tax returns just after four yesterday was smooth.

Tactically, it’s a perfect time to release them?—?especially if there’s any controversial news in the documents.

    1. News coverage will continue to focus on the 40th anniversary of the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination.
    2. There are still more than two weeks until the Pennsylvania primary.
    3. It buries the story about chief strategist Mark Penn’s conflicts of interest.
    4. Many people are more interested in watching the Final Four and first weekend of baseball season.
    5. It’s Friday.

Certainly, she learned something in all those years in the White House.

Actually, it goes back to Arkansas, or she’d never have gotten into the White House. Goddard is correct, though, and that he and others have caught on means this time around it’s just a little too slick for her own good. It’s the kind of thing that her high negatives come from. I wonder if she’ll actually be able to get by with it this time. Based on what I see, I tend to doubt it.

That aside, the thought occurs that the Democrats tend to take great pleasure in tearing down the rich… at least those who got their money by it’s actually being earned at some point in the family history. Will someone please tell me why these figures don’t make people want to tear the Clintons down? Not that Obama is poor, but the point is made; What can they have possibly done, what service to humanity can they possibly have provided that not only puts 109 million in their pockets, but that keeps the ‘kll the rich’ Democrats from complaining about it?

I suppose it’s not unlike the Kremlin; Being a part of the inner circle means you’re exempt from your own socialism.

Addendum:  ( David L )

PoInt to note, the liberals have utterly no problem with being rich.  They have large problems with people who actually earn huge sums of money.   That is libs don’t mind you having tons of money, provided who did absolutely nothing to earn it.    Inheritance, the Kennedys, or marrying a rich widow, John Kerry or open graft, Clintons are all acceptable.