So just when does the decision from where to order pizza delivery become a moral question?   When the decision is between a Pizza Hut and pizza business which does not have corporate policy of indifference to the delivery person’s life.    Those who delivery pizza are known to carry cash, and travel alone.  In short, they are targets.   A corporate policy which precludes a delivery person from carrying a legally permitted weapon is akin to having the delivery person carry a sign saying please rob me.

Yet for reasons unknown to rational men, that is exactly the corporate policy of Pizza Hut.  Ragnar Danneskjold, Jawa Report, on “Defend Your Life, Lose Your Job”   Think about the moral consequences of ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut, and find a responsible vendor instead.  You may save the life of the person who delivers your pizza.


Ed Morrissey, Hot Air, as is his style takes this story long and deep:

Here’s one story that ended with two dead deliverers. Here’s another from earlier this year. Pittsburgh had one two years ago that remains unsolved. Badger Blogger reports on one from December in Wisconsin, where earlier another deliveryman wound up prosecuted for defending himself. A Chicago woman got murdered in 2006 while delivering pizza. Almost three months ago, another pizza-delivery murder occurred in South Carolina. A Google search turns up 574,000 hits for pizza delivery murder.

Of course that is half million web hits about pizza delivery murders and not half a million murders.   Still hardly a risk free job.

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2 Responses to “Have Pizza, Will Travel”

  1. None of which comes close to the more basic question of the right to protect one’s self, period, full stop.
    And I mean, regardless of the concditions, what the job is, and so on.

    Do Pizza Hut have the right to tell it’s drivers not to carry? Yes, arguably so. They’re not the government, after all.
    At the same time, however, we have the ability to tell Pizza hut to get their Pizza out of the sunshine. Billy did that, as I commented the other night, in the Ramble.

    Then, too, I suppose an argument could be made that a lack of enfocement of the right to carry… ie; forcing Pizza hut to allow drivers to carry firearms, could be considered infringement on the rights fo the drivers. I’m a little dubious of this, however.

  2. I agree, Pizza Hut as the right to set employment policy as she alone sees fit.  Just as you, me and Billy have the absolute right to order any pizza besides Pizza Hut.  It is called freedom.