Heart breaking news to all seven of Randi Rhodes’s listeners.    The toothless wonder has been termininated by Err America., Mike Stern, Radio & Records:

According to John Scott, PD of Clear Channel talk KKGN/San Francisco, suspended talker Randi Rhodes (pictured) and Air America network have parted company as of Wednesday (April 9). In a posting on the station Web site Scott says that on Monday (April 14), “it will be our pleasure to announce the return of Randi Rhodes to the Green 960 family

Now who’d have thought that Katie Couric would outlast Rhodes?



Rhodes, who famously went seventeen rounds with a martini glass, and then a round or two with a New York City curbside, losing several teeth in the process… (Wow, a curb guilty of a hate crime?) … is now to be working at  960/KKGN, according to the report. Well, they’ll love her out in SanFran, I guess. We’ll see.

Hat tip:  Little Green Footballs.


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