Horrible story    Eight teenagers, who apparently know no shame.  Eight Lakeland, Florida teenagers beat one girl for thirty minutes, video tape and post the video on YouTube.    If viewing the video doesn’t make  you sick, you’re not human.

Allah Pundit, Hot Air,  posted a version of this story with the following discrlaimor:

I’m embedding the clip reluctantly since I goofed on O’Reilly last week for tut-tutting the sordid side of the Internet while happily airing the footage he claims to object to, and I don’t want to commit the same sin. The written reports simply don’t do this justice, though; you have to see it to disbelieve it.

Amen, Allah.  A description of the attack from, Stop the ACLU:

On March 30, 2008, the victim, 16 year old Victoria Lindsay, was lured to a home in Lakeland, Florida and when she arrived, two girls started yelling at her, one girl began beating her and slamming her head into a wall until she fell unconscious.

When she awoke on the counch, there were six girls, in total, beating on her and they were video taping the attack.

According to police, all the girls that were attacking the victim, Victoria Lindsay, were laughing and urging each other one and two boys were outside standing guard.

 Lucky for you, I didn’t find the original version.   The excerps are disgusting enough.    See the video:

To add to the disgust, the mother of one of the perps defended the attack.

I don’t condone YouTube posting the original vidwo,.  However I would not blame YouTube for the attack itself.

In culture that puts little value on actually being good, but glorifies feeling good, a.k.a. self-esteem, it is a wonder we don’t have more incidents such as this.    In a moral society, being good must have a higher value than feeling good.  You can’t have shame without moral values.


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