As you may or may not know, today is officially “Earth Day”.

What you likley don’t know is that NBC and the WSJ sponsored a poll, the results of which are encouraging; Only around 4% of Americans think that “Global warming’ should be at the top of the list of concerns for the Federal government. Yes, I know, those are actually troubling numbers that the 4% is so high, but given the state of things I’ll take it.

I note that Global warming has become such a problem that Earth Day festivities outside Edmunton, Alberta, had to be moved indoors because of the snow. A blizzard, actually of about 15-20cm. Kinda hard to sell global warming,  I guess,  when both sets of cheeks are turning blue.  One wonders how much in the way of Fossil Fuel had to be burned to keep the tent they moved into, warm enough to preach about global warming.   But, you see, they call it ‘ Climate change’ now, because that way it’s an all-purpose complaint. Doesn’t matter if you’re up past your belt loops in snow. You can still blame it on man, and imply guilt, no matter WHAT the weather.

Your first indication that the ‘crisis’ is a sham is when the conditions change, and contradict the original premise, and yet the movement simply carries on, still playing the guilt trip angle.

At the bottom line, spare me the “Earth Day” nonsense. The whole thing is designed as a guilt trip.  I will not be attending. Rather, I think I’ll go for a drive in the country, in my Luxury SUV.

Addendum:  (David L)

Associate the word eviromentallist with watermelon.   To wit, green on the outsdie, but red on the inside.   In the spirit of watermelons David Bueche, American Thinker, puts up a great essay for Eaerth Day:

The world has been warming since approximately 1650 when it reached its latest low and almost dipped into a modern Ice Age. This episode is well-recorded and notable for its misery as crop yields declined, economic activity contracted, and people were generally extremely cold. On the lighter side… you could ice skate on the Thames. But all in all, not a good trend…

As I define it, a religon is any belief system based on faith.  Thus, anthropogenic global warming is a religon   Don’t impose your religoin on me.  On the other paw, global warming is just an obsserved fact.



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