Ann Althouse notes liberal discomfort with the John McCain biography tour:

Bill Scher perceives irony in McCain’s ad — which depicts his life story, including his service in Vietnam — because it is “very much about ‘I.'” Scher thinks the ad says: “Look at the heroic life that I have had. You can trust me to manage this war, et cetera.”

Four years ago, the ‘rats ran a candidate, John Kerry, whose entire campaign was based on his puffed up four month tour in Vietnam and an hallucination that he somehow served in Cambodia while Richard Nixon was President.    In other words, Kerry.s biography had less truth in than one of Mrs. Clinton’s stump speeches.

Flash forward four years, and the ‘rats appear to be running yet another candidate who running on yet another phony biography.   Barack Obama claim to qualified to be President is based solely on Aught Two speech in gave to an anti-war group in which he opposed the liberation of Iraq.   That’s it.    When BO talks about his judgment, he referring to this one speech.

Now the party which has so embraced phony biographies, is running into a candidate with a real biography, John McCain, who had more years in the Hanoi Hilton than Kerry had months in country

Professor Althouse sums up BO:

And Barack Obama isn’t a self-made man in the rags-to-riches sense. He has lived a distinctly privileged life — going to all the best schools — and has had to take steps as an adult to put together a more marketable persona. Now, he’s done that wonderfully effectively — but we need to see it for what

Bring BO on.


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