Barack \Karl Rove’s advice to BO, via Jeralyn, Talk Left:

  • When you’re on the defense, as with Rev. Wright, choose one explanation and stick to it.

BO circa March 18, via Mark Silva, Swamp:

“I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community,” Obama said of Wright. “I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.

BO on Wright today, Associated Press:

“I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened by the spectacle that we saw yesterday,”

The Reverend Al Sharpton, New York Post:

During what a source described as a “heated” phone call yesterday, Sharpton told Obama he was disappointed with the Illinois senator’s words on Friday, when Obama said “resorting to violence to express displeasure” was “completely unacceptable and counterproductive.”

BO you are denouncing the wrong reverend.   While we think little of either Wright or Sharpton, there is a clear distinction.   Wright has called for Divine retribution, and such is his right.    Shartpon in inciting a riot and that is criminal.    While Wright may be wrong, he is not a man of violence.   On the other hand, Sharpton is a man of violence.    BO forgot the demagoguery.   Stop the violence.    Give Sharpton the Sister Souljah treatment, if you have the courage of your convictions.


Gee I don’t think Michelle was too impressed by BO:

What does this say about your judgment to superdelegates? “The person I saw was not the person that I’d come to know over 20 years…Shocked me, surprised me.”



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