• I’m still playing with newer templates. I’d kind of like to get something a bit more graphic, but the ones I like the look of take away a lot of the readability our current template has, and most of them would take far too much re-writing to be worthwhile. So, if you see some temporary weirdness… like the entire look changing for a few moments and then changing back again, you’ll understand why.
  • WordPress 2.5 continues to rise above my expectations.  The performance has been far better than I ever figured it would be, once I got the admin window java thing squared away.  (My desktop was messed up, as it turns out)
  • On Thursday of last week, we had an issue pop up with a couple of the scriptings running in the right side column.  I removed them at the time because they were hanging the site, and causing timeouts… though I’ve re-added them this morning. They seem to be working well again, just now. That’s always the problem with such things.; You’re dependent on whatever server those scripts are tied to, as well as your own. It’s a source of increased frailty. Still, I won’t deny that they’re attractive in that they bring in traffic.  It’s a balance act, in the end.

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