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B.J. Gets Tapped

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton [1]You got to admit one thing about the Clintons.  They are persistent.   If their lies get exposed, they still keep on telling them.   In fact, Jake Tapper, ABC News [2], goes so far as to footnote, B.J.’s continuing lies about Mrs. Clinton’s Tuzla trip.

Former President Bill Clinton offered this bit of revisionist history of his wife’s Bosnia story in Jasper, Ind., today, one riddled with a veritable sniper fire of errors — ones necessitating footnotes.

For the mathmatially challenged,  Allah Pundit, Hot Air [3] does the math::

Jake Tapper went through his whole statement line by line [2]. Two mistakes, one possible misinterpretation, and five — count ’em, five — clear lies.

I find it amusing that the main stream media is now taking the same position about the Clintons’ honesty, or utter lack thereof, that conservataives have had since the Clintons entered the national arena.  Of course there was no Barack Obama alternative in 1992