You know, Barack Obama’s involvement with Bill Ayers ought to be enough for every reasonable person to heave them both over the metaphorical side.  That’s bad enough.

If I were Obama, though, I would be wishing hard for the Revvin’ Jeremiah Wright to fall down a well.

That’s Billy Beck, this morning. And of course he’s correct.

He notes Michael Eric Dyson, on PMSNBC as saying:

“Let’s all get together and agree that we should deal with the substantive issues, not these distractions.”

Ummm. no, Mike… this IS a genuine iissue, and you guys are going to need to do something better than simply trying to sweep it under the rug if you want to survive to the final round. Here it is: Wright and his racism is a genuine issue by virtue of Obama sitting in his pews for 20 years. You don’t get that deep into someone’s councils without signing on to them, and after that long the politically motivated and timed disconnection isn’t going to be easy, clean, or effective.

But what’s this I hear from Ben Smith’s Blog, that it was  Clinton supporter that invited Wright to speak at the National Press Club in the first place?  Apparently all you need to do to make Wright, and thereby Obama, to look like a screaming racist fool is to give him a platform to speak. Now, there’s something less of timing involved here than meets the eye since apparently Barbara Reynolds invited Wright just before Obama’s Philly speech on race a while back.  Still, one can’t help but wonder if Wright wasn’t invited as a known quantity.

Obama has only himself to blame for this. It was, in the end, political expediency that had him hooking up with Wright and his racism in the first place. Obama wanted a means to give himself ‘black street creds’, and he found it. He’s now stuck with it.

But, that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck with Obama.

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