Mrs. William ClintonOne of the signature elements of the Clinton administration, and of the Clintons themselves, is their degrading treatment of women.

From Urban Dictionary:


in rural areas preps use the word skanky to describe trailer trash.

In response to Paula Jones sexual harrassment lawsuit against BJ Clinton, Clintonista James Carville called Jones, “trailer park trash.’

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air, offers up this tidbit:

Off camera today on MSNBC, A.B. Stoddard of “The Hill” newspaper followed up a clip of Hillary Clinton with the word “skanky.”

Isn’t it rich that a woman, Stoddard, offers no more respect to another woman, Mrs. Clinton, than she did to all the various Clinton bimbos.  What goes around, comes around.

Of course the Clintons are trash.

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