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Air America Losing More Airtime in NY

Scott Fybush over at NERW [1], says:

There’s a lineup change to report at WWRL (1600 New York), as the Access.1-owned talker pulls more Air America programming off its schedule. Instead of Air America’s Lionel from 9 AM-noon, WWRL now carries two hours of infomercials followed by a local show at 11 with Ron Samuels. At noon, Air America’s Thom Hartmann is out, replaced by Ed Schultz, and the Al Sharpton show (on tape delay) replaces Air America’s “Clout!” from 8-10 PM. (“Clout!” gets moved to a 4-6 AM taped replay.)

Heh. I wonder how long Shultz will last, possibly being the only person on the air today with less credibility than Randi Rhodes.Or, Alex Jones, for that matter.

That leaves Randi Rhodes (3-6 PM) and Rachel Maddow (6-8 PM) as the only live Air America clearances on WWRL – except that Rhodes is now under suspension by Air America management after making some intemperate comments about Hillary Clinton during a live appearance for the network’s San Francisco affiliate last week.

And of course we mentioned Shultz and his grand adventure last week.