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The Human Rights Commission… Isn’t.

Hume, last night [1]:

The man who is about to become the United Nations’ lead investigator into Israeli conduct is standing by his comments comparing Israeli actions in Gaza to those of the Nazis. Richard Falk will begin his job as special rapporteur for the UN’s Human Rights Council later this year.

He said last year that Israeli treatment of Palestinians in Gaza is similar to Nazi Germany atrocities during World War II. He tells the BBC that he made the comment in order to shake up ambivalent U.S. public opinion. Falk says up to now Israel has been successful in avoiding the criticism that it deserves.

Well, look, anyone who is shocked by this behavior from both this guy and the UN as a whole hasn’t been paying attention.  Falk has a long history of bias [2]. So, too, does the “Human Rights council of the UN”.  UN Watch is saying [3]:

The UN Human Rights Council’s preoccupation with Israel will surge to a new intensity this week with the expected election of two officials who describe the Jewish state in Nazi terminology, along with three more resolutions indicting it for a litany of alleged crimes.

Unless the European Union starts showing backbone, the UN’s other powerful voting blocs will continue scapegoating the Middle East’s only democracy in order to divert attention from situations of gross human rights abuses in places like Tibet, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe, which target peaceful protesters, women and dissidents.

The council was created in June 2006 to reform the discredited Commission on Human Rights, criticized by many for its regular focus on Israel to the exclusion of the world’s worst human rights violators. However, apart from some passing attention to Burma, the supposedly reformed body has devoted all of its condemnatory resolutions to the Jewish state — 16 to date.

 Interesting, isn’t it, how we get an attitude from the UN Human Rights Council, that is quite similar to the discredited and biased group it replaced? It shouldn’t be. THe members of the new group are the same as the old… they simply shfted the deck chairs and called the iceberg hole ‘fixed’.  

Interesting, also, how this is the second time in as many days the words ‘human rights council’ and ‘bias’ have come up, the other being in relationship to the unbeleiveable slime, Warman [4], that we mentioned here.  We have the appearence, at least, that the abuses we see in the HRC in Canada with Warman, going on, on a world-wide basis, given the ‘world government’ pretense of the so-called “United Nations”. I’m sure Warman and Falk consider that a good thing, though I wonder how any others who are not socialist-leaning do.