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So Now the Left Wants to Make Prostitution Legal? Gee, Wonder Why?

Interesting. [1]

¬†RUSH: This is the fallout from the Spitzer stuff. Los Angeles Times today, columnist Patty Kelly: “Legalize Prostitution.” Yeah, now, wait. That’s just the headline. Listen to this. This is near the end of the peace. “Saying that all sex workers are victims and all clients are demons is the easy way out. Perhaps it’s time to face this fact like adults (or at least like Mexico) — with a little less moralizing and a good deal more honesty. As for Spitzer, if he had walked into the Galactic Zone,” which is a whorehouse down in Mexico that this babe writes about, “my questions would have been these: Was he respectful? Was he safe? Did he pay well? If the answer to all three was yes, then, well, I voted for him once, and I’d vote for him again.”

Interesting how the leftist press is suddenly making libertine noises… only after one of their own gets caught with his pants down… after years of procecuting such people. What we’re seeing, folks is the left understanding that the on;y thing they can do to explain their heros demise without coming away with egg encrusted faces, is to blame the law… that it’s the law Spitzer made a political career on, makes no difference. Sacrafice of this tool is a lower price than would be actually blaming Spitzer for his behavior.

And that’s exactly what’s going on, here. This is not, as we’ll doubtless be told, a latent libertarian streak coming forward under stress.¬† This is leftist pragmatism, in all it’s glory.