Hume, on Friday: 

The left-wing blog Think Progress has had to eat its words after claiming presidential candidate John McCain plagiarized.

An entry posted Thursday – under the heading “Corrupt Establishments” – claims that McCain lifted parts of a speech given by retired Navy Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer. During a Wednesday speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council McCain said, “When nations seek to resolve their differences by force of arms, a million tragedies ensue.”

The site compared that to Ziemer’s words, “War is awful and when nations seek to resolve their differences by fighting, a million tragedies ensue.”

The site listed three other instances where McCain copied parts of Ziemer’s 1996 speech. The problem is McCain has been using these lines since 1995. The site has since posted an apology saying, “It appears Ziemer’s speech may have been plagiarized from McCain… the senator used these lines before Ziemer… we regret the error.”

Only took a small riot to cause them to admit they got it 180 degrees off.

Now, note, please, how long it’s taken the rest of the left enders to catch on; They’re still at it. 

And as Calderone points out, the whole thing coulda been avoided, had they bothered to contact the campaign.  Of course, that assumes Think Progress” is after fact.

And by the way; Is this how the left enders respond when they can’t argue against the points being made… the question who it was originally MADE them?

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