The Times Online, yesterday, puts some fresh light on plastic bags and those who want them banned:

 Scientists and environmentalists have attacked a global campaign to ban plastic bags which they say is based on flawed science and exaggerated claims.

The widely stated accusation that the bags kill 100,000 animals and a million seabirds every year are false, experts have told The Times. They pose only a minimal threat to most marine species, including seals, whales, dolphins and seabirds.

Gordon Brown announced last month that he would force supermarkets to charge for the bags, saying that they were “one of the most visible symbols of environmental waste”. Retailers and some pressure groups, including the Campaign to Protect Rural England, threw their support behind him.

But scientists, politicians and marine experts attacked the Government for joining a “bandwagon” based on poor science.

Lord Taverne, the chairman of Sense about Science, said: “The Government is irresponsible to jump on a bandwagon that has no base in scientific evidence.

A plastic bag   And this is just another example of how ol’ Gordo was never the brightest bulb in the string anyway. The problem now is how to debunk the myths about plastic bags once the myth has become a consensus, and thereby government policy?  Heh. Global warming, anyone?

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