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Oil Bubble About to Burst? Yep. Here’s Why: The Bakken Oil Formation

By way of John Hawkins’ Conservative Grapevine [1], we get news that backs something Ive [2] been [3] saying [4] for weeks now. I’ve been saying that we’re about to see a massive price drop… that even exclusive of any major finds, that the fundamentals are not there for $70.BBS, much less $100+/BBL…. and thusfar if anyone dared comment, it was in laughter. Well, laugh THIS off: [5]

In the next 30 days the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) will release a new report giving an accurate resource assessment of the Bakken Oil Formation that covers North Dakota and portions of South Dakota and Montana. With new horizontal drilling technology it is believed that from 175 to 500 billion barrels of recoverable oil are held in this 200,000 square mile reserve that was initially discovered in 1951. The USGS did an initial study back in 1999 that estimated 400 billion recoverable barrels were present but with prices bottoming out at $10 a barrel back then the report was dismissed because of the higher cost of horizontal drilling techniques that would be needed, estimated at $20-$40 a barrel.

It was not until 2007, when EOG Resources of Texas started a frenzy when they drilled a single well in Parshal N.D. that is expected to yield 700,000 barrels of oil that real excitement and money started to flow in North Dakota. Marathon Oil is investing $1.5 billion and drilling 300 new wells in what is expected to be one of the greatest booms in Oil discovery since Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938.

And there ya go, gang. Exactly as it has in the past, the free market pops up and deals with shortages.When there’s money involved, people find a way to get it done. If there are shortages, it’s government doing. When free markets happen, shortages tend to disappear. It’s really that simple. (BBCT: Adam Smith [6])

PS; Here’s two more hints: We discovered this field back in 1951. Also, this isn’t the only ‘recent find’. Nuff said.

Addendum: (David L)

Is there an oil bubble which is about to burst due the (re)discovery of this vast Bakken oil field?  No.

The question with the Bakken formation is how much oil can be recovered and at what cost.   It seems that the technology to recover the Bakken oil can  be developed considering the current price of oil    That could well deflate the bubble, not implode it.