• Here, too.  Good.

    And, by order of the supposed Human Rights Commission, of all things.On what basis does any such “Commission” have a right to decide what happens at a private business?  In event event, getting lynched was not in their plans, yesterday… which I suspect would have come close to happening had they ruled otherwise, given what we saw in Canada, recently. Funny thing; The articles on the are all quite short. As opposed to the hype going in. Almost like the press was disappointed. Screw them.

  • As I said the other day, Dick Morris thinks Obama has already won the nomination. Interestingly, he also seems to feel that the Wright business isn’t going to hurt that process. That’s the problem I was looking at in the comments at Q&O the other night… or was it last night? Morris mumbles that Wrights rants are not reflective of Obama on anything… a line I do not agree with.  Unless, that is, the guy is totally without morals and honesty. Which may be the case.

  • In any event, no, I don’t expect Wright to get in the way of Obama being nominated, but Wright will be front and center for the runup to the general election. The lesson learned, here, though, is how much of their anti-racial-bias claptrap the Democrats are willing to toss under the bus at need.

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  1. Of the 11 answers I provided, the one that got OM was the least valuable, in my opinion.  Yours was good.  I got the “Friends” connection.  🙂